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2 Kalimah

Release Date: 04 Apr 2013
Subtitle: -
Running Time: 100 minutes
Director:Eyra Rahman
Cast:Nora Danish, Shaheizy Sam, Yana Samsudin
Aiman and Selena are on their way to Aiman’s hometown. Along the way, they both see God's punishment given to the sinner and somehow related with their lives. First sinner received the punishment because he practices black magic during his life. Second sinner was disobedient to his parents. Selena frightened and know it is a sign of God asking for her to repent and she really hoped Aiman with guide her through the righteous way. When they arrive at the hometown, Aiman introduces Selena as his wife making Humaira, his old love frustrated. Haji Idrus, Aiman’s father welcomes Selena with open heart though he was a bit surprised when he just knows that Aiman is married. One day, there was a death in the village and Selena was asked to help the villagers to arrange the funeral while Aiman helping digging the grave. This time, Selena and Aiman were surprised to see the consequences of the sin that the third sinner had done. The third sinner was a girl and she commits adultery in her lives. Her grave filled with blood making Selena becomes more petrified. Every sinner related with Selena’s and Aiman’s lives and with time one by one their secrets begins to reveal. What is their secret? Watch ‘2 Kalimah’ to know the answer.

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